Büyülübag wine


The Büyülübağ winery was founded by Alp Toruner on the island of Avşa in the Sea of ​​Marmara in Turkey. The island has had a long history of viticulture and winemaking since 1800.


The island also has a unique microclimate and a sandy-loamy soil. The vision of the winery is to bring the local grape variety "Adakarasi" into an international awareness and to exploit the potential of the well-adapted grape varieties on the terroir of the island of Avsa.

Büyülübag currently has 20 hectares of vineyards, consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and Adakarasi. The most suitable vines were selected using the soil climate analysis developed in France.

The winery

Construction of the winery began in October 2004. It was developed for particularly gentle processing of the grapes, so it works without pumps with gravity technology.

In the four-storey facility there is a tasting room on the top level with a wonderful view. Production takes place between the remaining three levels:
Grape processing begins on the first level, with the picking containers tipped onto the first vibrating sorting table. After the assessment, the handle remover comes, which then leads to a second vibrating sorting table. The grapes then pass through this table into a crusher / stemmer on this level.

The tanks are on the lower level so that the crushed berries are drained into the tanks on the second level. Finally, on the lowest level, the barrel cellar, which is located underground, is water-insulated, so it has an annual average humidity of 70% and a warmth of 14 ° C.

The winecellar

The cellar consists of 225 lt of Burgundy and Bordeaux oak barrels. With the Gravity Flow winery, which was the first of its kind in Turkey, Büyülübağ ensures that the movement of the wine is slower and therefore more gentle and controllable in a fine way in order to preserve the quality of the grapes

Today the Büyülübag winery and vineyards produce stylish, elegant and rich wines that have already won medals in national and international wine competitions.