Suvla wine

On this page you will find wines from the Suvla winery, such as Suvla Sir, Sur, Suvla Bogazkere or Suvla Sauvignon blanc.

Information about the Suvla winery and the brand

The Suvla winery was founded in 2003 by Selim Zafer Ellialti. Suvla is a family-owned winemaking and viticulture company in Eceabat on Canakkale Strait-Dardanelles, on the historic Gallipoli peninsula. The region is developing into a center for the development of vineyards.

Suvla strives to produce high density wines that are rich in character with an elegant and exquisite finish to compliment the food. The vineyards called “Bozokbag” cover an area of ​​80 hectares.

A large number of vines are grown there. Red wine varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Grenache Noir, Petite Verdot and Pinot Noir are cultivated. The white wine varieties are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Roussanne and Marsanne. Native varieties are Kinali Yapincak and Karasakiz.

The Suvla vineyards are certified according to the "Good Agriculture Practice - GAP". The winery is only 3-14 km from vineyards, which makes it possible to obtain Chateu-style wines of the highest quality. The modern style winery has 5200 square meters and is also home to a traditional processing facility for olives and natural farm products.

Suvla focuses on quality, works with leading companies on all issues relating to the latest technologies and processes over 658 tons of grapes using the latest technology and know-how. The SUVLA Winery layout is configured in such a way that the grapes can be processed with gravity and no unnatural pressure has to be applied. Temperature-controlled fermentation and storage tanks made of stainless steel are developed by professional consultants.

The cooling system and cooling rooms make it possible to preserve the natural flavors and fructose. After the harvest, the grapes are kept in cool rooms for a short time before processing. The stabilization infrastructure helps the winemakers to keep all the aromas and tannins of the grapes in the juice. Selected wines are matured in over 1000 oak barrels for premium labels. Oenologue Dimitar Dimov is a leader and offers the Suvla winemaking team great added value with the valuable advice of French oenologists Jacques Antoine Toublanc, Charles Emmanuel Girard and Francis Poirel.

Suvla wines have young premium and ultra-premium brands with 23 labels on the market to satisfy different tastes.