Burgaz Raki Göbek 0,35l


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Burgaz Raki Göbek, Turkish raki at the highest level. Distilled several times and only the tastiest part of the distillate is used for this raki.

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Burgaz Raki Göbek 0,35l

Göbek is the “belly” of raki traditionally distilled in copper kettles. It represents the centerpiece of the respective distillation process, which in turn has a lead and a trail. Strictly speaking, there are even 5 distillation sections in the production process. Of these, however, only the level 3 distillate is used, since this level is considered the optimally matched raki, just as the Göbek.

The lead and lag of this optimal level are separated, and only the belly is processed for this raki. And the raki masters repeat this step three times. That is why this raki is perceived as the true and unique raki. The Göbek Raki then matures to the end product for 120 days in order to present itself with a softer taste and more attractive body. Reduction to perfection.

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Match with
Fish, cheese, starters
Net filling quantity
0,35 l
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Serving temperature
6-8 degree
Producer address
Antalya Alkollü İçecek Antalya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2.Etap Yeniköy, 07190 Aosb 2.Kısım / Döşemealtı, Antalya, Turkey