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Ata Raki, a classic raki, twice distilled with only 2% alcohol, pleasantly mild and tasty.

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Ata Raki

Ata means translated the ancestor or ancestor. The raki has been produced by Antalya Alkollü Icecek, originally in Lüleburgaz, since 2004. It is a raki in the tradition of the first rakis produced outside of the state monopoly.

After Efe Raki, Ata Raki was the second Raki produced by the private sector in Turkey. In this raki a certain awakening is reflected, which wants to build on old traditions before the monopoly of alcohol. Here, too, there was a dispute about the name, because the CHP party requested the cancellation of the “Ata” trademark because it was too closely based on the name of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the “father” of modern Turkey. However, this connection could not be proven, which is why the raki is still produced under this name today.

The raki is double distilled and is made from raisins suma and agricultural alcohol. The 0,7l bottle contains about 2,1g of added sugar. The alcohol content is only 43% instead of the usual 45%, which makes Ata Raki a pleasantly light and mild raki to drink.

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Serving temperature
6-8 degree
Match with
Fish, cheese, starters
Producer address
Antalya Alkollü İçecek Antalya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2.Etap Yeniköy, 07190 Aosb 2.Kısım / Döşemealtı, Antalya, Turkey
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