Almond liqueur


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Hare Almond Liqueur, this is for you, if you like Amaretto, because then this Turkish Almond Liqueur will become your new Amici! Let yourself be seduced by the incomparable aroma and charm of bitter almonds.

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Almond liqueur

HARE Almond Liqueur offers a fine taste with a long finish. This almond liqueur is made for everyone who wants to taste something extraordinary. HARE liqueurs are made in a traditional way, in the tradition of Ottoman liqueur art. Sweet has a story here! No artificial flavorings and additives are used. Only natural flavors, sugar and honey are used in the production of HARE almond liqueur.

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Turkey is known for the production of various nuts such as pistachios, almonds and walnuts. The Datca peninsula in particular has made a name for itself in Turkey for particularly aromatic almonds. This almond liqueur is a clear liqueur, without milk or cream additives. Nevertheless, a creamy, sweet taste experience awaits you, with its aroma strongly reminiscent of marzipan or the scent of popular festivals. For these liqueurs, neutral alcohol is flavored with an almond extract, which was previously obtained by adding almonds.

You can enjoy this almond liqueur pure, uncooled or on ice. There are many delicious cocktails that can be made with it, or you can use the high quality to refine baked goods or other desserts. There are many recipes for using almond liqueur on the net, we recommend you try an almond liqueur with orange juice (in equal parts), and then fill up the mix with sparkling wine. If you prefer less alcohol, try a mix of currant, lemon juice, and tonic water with a teaspoon of almond liqueur. Very refreshing.

However, the Hare almond liqueur is a top product of Turkish liqueur art in all versions, a sweet temptation from 1001 nights.

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