Shiluh Manastir


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Shiluh Manastir

Shiluh Manastir is a dry Turkish red wine born in the heart of Mesopotamian civilization from the Bogazkere grape variety. Syrian Shiluh Winery, which is the first and only modern production of Syrian wine under hygienic conditions and was founded in 2008 in Midyat (Turkey) in cooperation of Syrian families GABRIEL and AKTAŞ and ASLAN family.
Syrian Shiluh red wines are made from Öküzgözü and Bogazkere grapes grown around Diyarbakır and Mardin. They are considered the finest grapes in Turkey. In the Turabdin region, white wines are produced from very old Kerküş and Mazrona vines.

The Assyrians, who have lived in the region for centuries, mainly cultivated Boğazkere vines, especially around Midyat, in the alluvial soils of the Euphrates and Tigris.
The Shiluh grapes are harvested with great care and accompany the winemaking process just as carefully. Shiluh wines are traditionally fermented. The biggest feature here is the cooling control provided by the architectural structure (our production house made with Midyat stone carving) during fermentation.

During the extremely hot Mesopotamian summers, the architectural structure keeps the ambient temperature at 17-29 degrees. Today, the malolactic fermentation that many producers carry out in oak barrels is carried out in steel barrels in the same environment. SHILUH wines macerated on their skins for 12 to 18 days with the interesting harmony of tradition, grapes, architectural structure and climate, as well as our creative team, Saba Açıkgöz (Turkey's leading oenologist) and our wine production master Favlus Aktaş evoke Syrian Wine comes back to life on the palate.

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Nineveh Gida Mes. Tar. Tur. Med. San. Ve Tic. ltd Sti., Isiklar Mah. Cizre Caddesi No. 333, Midyat/Mart, Turkiye