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Yakamoz Raki is a particularly pure and very high quality raki, based on a 300 year old recipe. You will notice this immediately when you have this raki on your tongue for the first time. The anise is extremely smooth, slightly oily on the palate and provides an incomparable taste aroma. This raki is really unique.

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Yakamoz Raki 0,5l

The Yakamoz Raki is a raki of exceptionally high quality and purity. His recipe is based on a 300 year old recipe. It is distilled 3 times and stored for 90 days after production.

In order to differentiate itself from the other types of raki, the brand owner of the Yakamoz Raki and a team spent around 2,5 years researching grapes, aniseed and compounds of alcohol and sugar for improvement. The Yakamoz Raki is the result of this research and makes it more valuable than other brands. 1 liter of Yakamoz Raki is obtained from 26 kg of seedless and dry sultana grapes. The so-called suma obtained in this way is triple distilled in a copper barrel. This is followed by a rest period of 90 days. Conventional raki varieties are obtained from 2,5 kg or a certain raki variety from 7,5 kg grapes.

The sugar content in Yakamoz Raki is only 8 g per liter. In comparison, other types of raki have a sugar content of 14-16 g. Another special characteristic of Yakamoz Raki is that the methanol and anethole content is zero. This avoids undesirable side effects such as headaches and aches and pains on the next day of Yakamoz raki consumption. All these facts increase the quality of the Yakamoz Raki compared to other types of raki and give it its full-bodied, soft taste.

The chemical analysis of the raki shows that the ethanol content is 99,24% due to the triple distillation and the methanol content only 0,01%. The higher the ethanol content and the lower the methanol content, the higher quality and "cleaner" the raki will be! Even the alcohol available in pharmacies has an ethanol content of 98%.
And another important point: due to the minimal amount of methanol in the Yakamoz Raki, there is no "hangover" the morning after you have drunk Yakamoz Raki.

Enjoy the secret of its magical recipe.

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6-8 degree
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Fish, cheese, starters
Yakamoz Raki
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Yakamoz GmbH, Markt 17-23, 52249 Eschweiler