Yeni Raki Ustalarin Karisimi 0,7l


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Yeni Raki Ustalarin Karisimi is 3 times distilled and is mixed as a blend from different Rakiseries by Yeni. In addition, it matures in oak barrels to obtain its incomparable aromas.

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Yeni Raki Ustalarin Karisimi 0,7l

Yeni Raki Ustalarin Karisimi is 3-fold distilled and is mixed as a blend from different raki series by Yeni. To perfect it, it also matures in oak barrels, which gives it its incomparable aromas. Yeni Raki is the most popular brand of raki, not just in Turkey.

Since 1937, the rich tradition of Yeni Raki has also met his taste. Tones of aniseed and distilled grapes create a complex and exciting spirit that is revered by consumers around the world. The distinctive aroma is created through a sophisticated distillation process by Yeni's skilled artisans.

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Product specifics

Match with
Fish, cheese, starters
Net filling quantity
0,7 l
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Product Type
Serving temperature
6-8 degree
Olfactory aromas
Producer address
Mey Company, Abide-i Hurriyet Cad. Bolkan Center B Blok, 34381 Sisli / Istanbul, Turkey