Likya Patara Öküzgözü, Bogazkere, Merlot and Syrah


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The Likya Patara Öküzgüzü, Bogazkere, Merlot and Syrah is a classic representative of the "easy drinkin '" community. Not too complex, nicely round and balanced and simply extremely pleasant to drink.


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Likya Patara Öküzgüzü, Bogazkere, Merlot and Syrah

Likya is a winery located on a plateau in the mountains near the city of Antalya, in the Aegean region. The route leads through a beautiful mountain landscape and pleases the eye through the surrounding landscape, and arouses curiosity about the wines that are grown in such an environment. The only ski area in Turkey is not far away! Likya is a traditional manufacturer and a well-known winery in Turkey.

The owners Burak and Doruk Özkan have made it their business to look for old and forgotten grape varieties in the surrounding areas. For this they were able to inspire the local shepherds to keep an eye out for old grapevines on their long and wide hikes. And so these shepherds keep bringing very special vines from their remote pastures into the wine cellar. There they are then examined, classified and then grown in the vineyard.

Many of the attempts at this new cultivation then fail because the grapes are not expandable. Sometimes there is a treasure below. This is what happened with the rare Acikara vine. Likya now cultivates the rarely Acikara vine, but the yield from the vineyard is very limited and quickly sold out to the local wine connoisseurs. Some treasures simply have to stay where they came from.

Product specifics

Wine type
Red wine
Grape varieties
Aegean Sea, Izmir
Serving temperature
16-18 degrees
Steel tank
Producer address
Likya Vineyards & Winery, Ünal Özgödek Caddesi, 07700 Karyagdi, Elmali
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Contains sulphites