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The Merka Raki is an original Turkish raki. It's smooth to drink, a really full-bodied raki. The double distillation and the subsequent barrel storage make it a very typical “gold” raki. No added sugar, unadulterated raki taste.

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Merka Raki 0,7l

In the beginning there are the grapes. They are the main raw material in raki. Only selected fresh grapes with a certain sugar content are used in the Merka Raki. After fermentation of the must, the mash is distilled.

The raki goes through two fractional distillation passages in copper kettles. The anise (Pinpinella Anisum) is also added here, the decisive factor for the quality and characteristics of the raki. The processing and purity of the aniseed seeds have a direct impact on the quality.

After the distillation and the addition of water to regulate the alcohol content, the raki rests in tanks for a month. Ordinary raki would be ready - but not the MERKA RAKI. It is stored in oak barrels for another 6 months for further maturation.

That makes all the difference - slightly golden in color, mild and perfect in taste.
But try it yourself!

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Merka Raki
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