Pasaeli Morso Sole Sultaniye


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The Pasaeli Morso Sloe Sultaniye appears in pale gold with a green shimmer. Nice aromas of tropical fruits and melon on the nose. The taste is well balanced, with lively acidity and beautiful, juicy fruit.

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Pasaeli Morso Sole Sultaniye

Pale gold with a green sheen. Nice aromas of tropical fruits and melon on the nose. The palate is well balanced with lively acidity and beautiful, juicy fruit. The winery is located in Buldan, Denizli in the Aegean region on sandy and loamy soil at 600 m above sea level, in an inland region in Anatolia, where the Mediterranean climate meets the continental climate: long, hot and dry summers and cold and wet winter.

The grapes are picked, destemmed and crushed by hand. Made 100% in stainless steel vats, then aged for 3 months on the “sur lie” yeast to add complexity.

Before 2000, Seyit Karagözoglu was an importer who brought all of the world's great wines to Turkey. And then, at the beginning of a new millennium, he founded the Pasaeli winery to produce the best wines in Turkey so that they could be brought into the world. He first planted a vineyard in Kaynaklar, a small village south of Izmir, and then another via the Bospurus in Hosköy, a city in European Turkey (Thrace).

Cold winters and warm summers are characteristic of the climate, and most precipitation falls in December. The vines are cut at the head, among other things, conventional cultivation methods are used in the vineyards.

In the beginning, he devoted himself entirely to the endangered, local varieties of Turkey, which is why he planted grapes of the Kolorko, Karasakiz and Yapincak varieties in the vineyards. For this reason, special wines from particularly rare grape varieties from the House of Pasaeli still come today. The Pasaeli wines are made by hand in small quantities and are an exciting vision of what can come from Turkey. Due to the low production volume, Pasaeli wines are only available to a limited extent and are rarely available all year round.

Product specifics

Wine type
White wine
Grape varieties
Aegean, Denizli
Serving temperature
6-8 degree
Match with
Fish, vegetarian
Steel tank
fresh, lively, light acidity
Olfactory aromas
Melon, tropical fruit
Producer address
Pasaeli Vineyards & Winery, 47/2 Ataturk Mahallesi, Kemalpasa, Izmir

Contains sulphites