Yeniceri Raki 0,7l


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Yeniceri 45 is an original Turkish raki, typical anise flavor in a very appealing design.

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Yeniceri Raki 0,7l

Yeniceri Raki is an original Turkish raki from the Dinar district in Afyonkarahisar. The anise used here also comes from this area, a difference to most rakis, which mainly use anise from the Cesme area.

The raki is made from 100% fresh Sultaniye grapes from the area around Manisa and Denizli and is made in special copper kettles by experienced raki masters. The raki is double distilled.

The name Yeniceri itself comes from the military field, because the Janissaries were an elite force that served in the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century. Yeniceri means something like "New Troop". The raki is by no means militarily drilled, but has very pleasant drinking properties. In addition, the attractive design of the bottle can be seen on every raki board!

Product specifics

Net filling quantity
Wine type
Serving temperature
6-8 degree
Match with
Fish, cheese, starters
Producer address
CSD GmbH, Kaiserswerther Str. 87, 40878 Ratingen