Efe Classic Raki 0,35l


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Efe Classic Raki is made from the highest quality grapes that come from different regions of Turkey and is distilled with selected anise from the Efe region.

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Efe Classic Raki 0,35l

The highest quality grapes from different regions of Turkey and the highest quality aniseed from the Efe region are used in the production of Efe Raki. The aroma, which is enriched by top quality Anatolian grapes and aniseed grains, has a smooth taste thanks to the Bozdag spring water. The Classic Raki is distilled twice and rounded off with 2/1 triple distilled Raki. Technically, Raki is a clear brandy, comparable to the Italian pomace brandy Grappa. In the first run, the marc from wine production was traditionally fermented, then distilled and then mixed with anise and distilled at least once more.

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Match with
Fish, cheese, starters
Net filling quantity
0,35 l
Wine type
Serving temperature
6-8 degree
Olfactory aromas
Producer address
Efe Alkollü Icecekler Tic. AS
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