Information on Efe Raki

What is ivy raki?

Efe Raki was the first private raki brand in Turkey after the state monopoly of the Tekel company had fallen. The company behind the brand is called Elda Icecek ve Enerji Hizmetleri AS and was founded in 1994 by 500 entrepreneurs from Izmir. In 2002 the company received permission to manufacture alcoholic beverages.

Efe Raki first released in Germany

So Efe Raki only started making raki in 2002. A little secret: First the ivy raki was marketed in Germany in August 2004, and only afterwards in Turkey!

The first Fresh Grapes Raki from Efe

Efe was and is also a very innovative company. In 2005 it was the first company to make raki from 100% fresh grapes (and not raisins). Furthermore, the triple distilled raki from ivy was introduced, at that time as Kara ivy, i.e. the black ivy.

The first “gold” raki from Efe

The Raki Sari Zeybek was the first raki that was matured in the barrel, and thus created the category of gold raki, as they are also called due to the yellowish color from barrel maturation. With these innovations, Efe has created completely new categories of raki.

Efe Raki - number 2 in Turkey

Due to the rapid success and the concentration on high-quality and innovative products, Efe is now number 2 in Turkey and now produces around 15 million liters of raki. The main sales area is Turkey.