Information on Saki Raki

Where is Saki Raki from?

The Alcosan Beverage Industry & Trade Limited company was founded in Manisa under the umbrella of Sezer Holding. After vodka and liqueur, raki has also been produced there since 2013. With a production capacity of 2 million liters, Saki Raki is one of the smaller manufacturers.

What makes Saki Raki different from other manufacturers?

As a technical innovation, a silver charcoal filtration system was introduced, which filters all harmful components that arise in the fermentation and distillation process from the beverage in several passes.

With these new production facilities, innovative manufacturing methods and the corresponding distillation know-how, very good quality products are produced. The Saki Rakis were able to win three silver and two bronze medals at the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the first year of production and even before the raki hit the shelves.

Raki made from red grapes

With the Siyah Üzüm (“Black Grape”), Saki Raki brought a raki made exclusively from red grapes onto the market. This type of raki is currently (2020) not available from any other manufacturer.

It is true that the Mey company was the first to market a raki made from red grapes. This was the Yeni Raki “Mest Bogazkere”, a single grape raki, a raki made only from a certain grape variety. However, this product is currently no longer manufactured and sold.