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Efes Pilsener is the most famous Turkish beer and comes from Izmir. Brewed according to the German purity law.
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Efes Pilsener 0,33l (incl. Deposit)

Already knew? The Efes Pilsener beer is by far the most famous Turkish beer. We'd say it's almost a tradition. In addition, the Anadolu Efes brewery is the market leader in Turkey with 84%. If you haven't tried the Efes Pilsener yet, you shouldn't miss out on this taste experience. 

Efes Pilsener is brewed according to the German Purity Law and is one of the most popular beers in the Aegean. The name was borrowed from the city of Ephesus, which is near the brewery in Izmir. Would you like to know more about the Efes Pilsener beer? Then read on. 

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What is Efes beer? 

Efes beer is a typical Turkish soft drink. The mildly spicy Pils convinces with a full-bodied, smooth and unique taste. Already with the first sip you will realize that this is an exquisite Pilsner-style beer. The balanced, slightly bitter taste is easily digestible and suitable for every occasion. In summer, the Efes Pilsener is the perfect refreshment, in winter it has a stimulating and encouraging effect.

It differs from other types of beer primarily in its increased hop content. This gives the Pilsener its unique, unmistakable note, which is so popular among beer lovers. Thanks to the balanced mixture, the Efes Pilsener is also suitable for people who are not a fan of too bitter drinks.

Where does the Efes Pilsener come from?

The history of Efes Pilsener is young and crowned with success. Anadolu Efes was founded in 1969 and as of today owns 15 breweries, 6 malthouses and 23 bottling plants, with locations in Turkey, Russia and a few other countries.

Efes beer origin 

The Efes beer owes its name to the city of Ephesus. One of the oldest and most important cities in Asia Minor. Here you will find the Temple of Artemis - one of the seven wonders of the world. In the vicinity of this ancient city, more precisely in Izmir, lies the very first Efes brewery. It didn't take long for Efes Pilsener to secure a place in the hearts of beer drinkers. As early as 2017, the Efes Group was listed as the twelfth largest brewery group in the world. It is now the most produced beer in Turkey and available in about 70 countries.

The different Efes beers

The Efes Brewery brews other types of beer in addition to the much-loved Efes Pilsener. These include the Efes Malt, the Efes Light - with half the alcohol content - the Efes Dark (dark beer) and the Efes Xtra, with a higher alcohol content. There is also the Efes Gusta - an Efes wheat beer - the Efes Ice and the Efes Mariachi, as well as the Efes Mariachi Black, with lemon and agave aromas.

The most common and well-known Efes beer is still the Efes Pilsener. If you are buying and tasting Efes beer for the first time, you should definitely start with the traditional Pilsener.

Where to buy Efes beer?

Where can you buy Efes beer? Now you can easily in our shop Order Efes beer. The Efes beer price for a 0,33 liter bottle is €1,25. You can get a 0,5 liter bottle of Efes Pilsener for €1,59. In addition, you will find Efes Pilsener in packs of 6 or 12, either with 0,33 or 0,5 liter bottles - You have the choice.

How does Efes beer taste?

Efes beer has a unique taste that is unmistakably different from other types of beer. Due to the higher hop content, the Efes Pilsener gets a mildly spicy note and a slightly bitter aroma. The beer is refreshing and stimulating, making it perfect for any occasion and any time of year. The high-quality lager beer is brewed with Mediterranean passion and convinces with a balanced, full-bodied taste. 

The best way to understand this taste experience is to experience it yourself. You have the opportunity to order individual bottles in our shop in order to convince yourself of the quality and the great pleasure of the Efes Pilsener. Once you've got a taste for it, we offer various value packs at a low price. So you always have enough Efes beer in the fridge and can have a new load in front of the door in no time. We deliver Efes Bier Germany within 1 to 2 working days.

Efes beer alcohol content 

The Efes beer percentage is 4,9% vol. This is a common alcohol content for beer and allows controlled consumption.

Efes beer calories

The Efes Pilsener has the following nutritional values ​​per 100 ml:

energy content 175 kJ
Calories 42 kcal
Protein 0,5 g
carbohydrates 3,1 g
fat 0 g

A 0,33 L Efes Pilsener has accordingly 138,6 kcal. On 0,5 l pilsner 210 calories.

How do you store Efes beer correctly? 

The Efes Pilsener beer should be stored cool and protected from light and enjoyed cold. For example, the bottles can be stored in the cellar and placed in the fridge the night before or at least a few hours before enjoying. The beer bottle has no place in the freezer, because the Efes beer not only loses its taste here, the bottle can possibly burst.

What do you drink Efes beer for?

Efes Pilsener goes particularly well with appetizers as it is the perfect appetizer. The beer can also be drunk with the main course. It is an absolute highlight, especially with light dishes such as fish or salmon with asparagus. The Efes Pilsener are also a taste experience in combination with fresh salads, seafood, Asian dishes or spicy dishes. It creates the ideal balance to the sharpness and you stay cool despite fiery food. 

As a refreshing drink, the Efes Pilsener is well received at every celebration, (garden) party and large or small group. It doesn't matter whether it's a hearty meal or a fun evening of games - the Efes beer is always welcome and underlines the good mood.

The Efes beer is a real all-rounder. It is the ideal after-work beer for beer lovers. It's a real reward after a hard day's work.

Efes Pilsener – the Turkish Pils

As you can see, there is a lot of history, tradition and social values ​​in the green glass bottle. The golden-yellow beer is the perfect companion for everyday life and special occasions. Whether summer or winter, with the Efes Pilsener you are always refreshed and well served.

The Efes Pilsener is a piece of Turkish beer tradition that you have to try once. The unique flavor makes itself felt with every sip and we wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself stopping drinking another beer soon. What are you waiting for? Get your first batch of Efes Pilsener today.

Where can I find Efes beer? Are you looking for one irresistible Efes beer range? Strike now in our shop!

The Efes beer buying guide 

what to consider when buying Efes beer

Did you know that the Gilde Brewery - the oldest company in Hanover - brews the classic Turkish beer because it is so popular in this country? You can now buy Efes beer anywhere in Germany. Despite this, many prefer to buy their Efes beer online. We want to share our customers' top 3 reasons with you.

Why should you buy your Efes beer online?

  • It's more convenient.

You can buy your Efes beer from home with just one click and enjoy it in just a few days. This saves you the rush hour traffic, the annoying search for a parking space on a Friday afternoon and long queues in the supermarket.

  • It's cheaper.

Online retailers usually offer better prices than local retailers due to their low operating costs and the fact that they can negotiate better conditions with suppliers due to their size. For exactly this reason, you can also enjoy an optimal price-performance ratio with us.

  • You know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

If you buy your Efes beer in Lidl, Rewe or Kaufland, it may always have a different taste. This is because large grocery stores have multiple and often changing suppliers. Therefore, compared to online shops, they cannot be as transparent about the origin and quality of their products.

Do you always want to experience the same first-class oriental taste and enjoy the best quality? Then you can simply buy your Efes beer from us!

So that your Efes beer does not become undrinkable ...

It is essential to store your purchased Efes Pilsener beer correctly! Please do not leave your Efes beer uncooled in the living room for two weeks after you have bought it.

It doesn't matter where you buy your Efes beer: If you don't store it properly, it will lose its pleasant aroma and become undrinkable within a few days. So that you can still fully enjoy your Efes beer after a certain storage time, we have listed our 4 most important tips for storing this spirit here.

  • Store your Efes beer in a cool place.

The optimal temperature is approx. 5 to 10 °C. After you buy your Efes beer, you can store it directly in the cellar, for example.

  • Store your beer bottles upright.

In this way, the yeast remains in the bottle when it is poured and does not affect the taste of the beer.

  • Place the beer bottles on a stable surface.

When you buy your Efes beer, you should put it on a stable surface as soon as possible. Otherwise, vibrations and shocks will cause yeast particles to move in the beer and spoil the aroma.

  • Store your Efes beer away from light.

The sun's UV rays dissolve certain compounds in the beer, which lead to an unpleasant "light taste". It is described by many as "musty" or "papery". When you buy your Efes beer, it should therefore not be left in the sun for too long.

Armed with these tips, you will enjoy your Efes beer long after you have bought it. What are you waiting for? Order the Turkish classic today in our online shop!

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