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Welcome to Sarap.Online,

nice that you want to learn more about us. We at Sarap.Online offer you wines and raki from Turkey.

Our mission

The unbelievable variety of grape varieties, the ancient tradition and the resulting wine-growing culture is what we would like to bring you closer to. Quality and enjoyment away from the mainstream, made by people who now live in the land where Moses planted the first vineyard after the great rains. You can see from this story alone what exciting discoveries you can make here.

Of course, the national drink of Turkey, the raki, is also part of the Turkish drinking culture. It is also made from fermented grapes (fresh and/or in the form of raisins), and in this way is also associated with wine. A side of alcoholic drinks from Turkey without raki – impossible. That's why we make every effort to offer the same quality and variety here as well.

Our story

We are based in Stuttgart, surrounded by vineyards and come from the wine industry. Here, in many years of beverage wholesale trade, especially for the catering trade, we have been able to gain the experience that helps us today to offer you high-quality products directly from the producer.

We, that is Sevim Sarak and Bernd Hartmann - a Turkish-German business partner duo.

We are of the opinion that Turkish wine does not need to hide either in terms of quality or taste. On the contrary, many new aromas from the first vines from which wine was pressed await you here.

Fueled by the realization that unfortunately you cannot buy Turkish wine in stores, our online shop with Turkish wines and raki was created at the end of 2018.

Our Philosophy

Quality first!

  • We deliver quality to satisfy you as a customer. To ensure this, you can rate us on an independent rating portal after each order.
  • We offer you variety and support you in the selection of wines. You can already order over 100 different types of wine and raki from us today, and we don't stop looking for good products for you.
  • We protect the environment in order to let you participate in the diversity of an exciting natural product and to work towards compliance with sustainable ecological production methods on the part of producers.

    To do this, we visit Turkey several times a year, talk to the local winegrowers and get an idea of ​​the products and production, the employees, the vineyards and, last but not least, the philosophy of the winegrowers.
  • We ship all orders in Germany climate-neutrally with GoGreen from DHL. For shipments abroad, we use UPS Carbon neutral, shipments with DHL depend on the local offers of the individual national companies. If climate-neutral shipping is possible, we use it.
  • We offer you trial sets and inexpensive promotions so that you can try our products easily and with a clear conscience.
  • We have our own warehouse and do not use any external service providers. This means we have the entire process under our control and can react quickly for you.
  • Our packages are sent without plastic tape or plastic mailers. We use paper and try to reduce consumption to a minimum. That's why you don't get a printed delivery note/invoice from us, for example. Cardboard boxes, eg from returns, are reused as far as possible.
  • For our website we use a provider that uses 100% renewable energy for its servers.

Our Customers

  • For this we go to make you satisfied. But what should we say about that - let's rather let our customers do the talking:

Customer opinion Serkant S.

A short video from our customer Serkant S. about Sarap.Online. We would like to point out that the reviewer received a consideration in the form of a voucher for his review.

We hope we can give you a little bit of our passion on this page and wish you lots of fun discovering and trying things out

Your Sarap.Online team!