Information about the Tekirdag Raki brand

On this page we offer you various Tekirdag rakis such as Tekirdag Gold, Tekirdag No. 10 or Trakya.

Where does Tekirdag Raki come from?

Tekirdag is a port city on the Sea of ​​Marmara, about 140 km west of Istanbul. Located in the European part of Turkey, more precisely in the province of Thrace, the area has always been very famous for the cultivation of high quality wine. The wine-growing region around the city is called the Marmara region, and around 13,6% of all wine produced in Turkey comes from here. This is mainly due to the climatic conditions.

The climate makes good raki grapes

There is a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, i.e. maritime conditions.
The rainfall varies between 400 and 1000 mm with an average of 550 mm per year. The mean long-term temperature is between 12 and 16 ° C, with an average of 73% humidity it is rather humid. So ideal conditions for growing wine.

And since good grapes are also the raw material for good raki, the name of the village was associated with the production of very tasty grape distillates from an early stage.

What is Tekirdag Raki?

The Tekirdag Raki brand comes from the former state monopoly company Tekel, which is now privatized. The products received their legendary reputation due to their special taste and consistently high quality. Word quickly got around among those in the know. Due to the uniform production of the state monopoly at the time, however, it was not possible to identify which of the coveted varieties came from which production facility spread across the country. All bottles looked the same, had the same name and were so outwardly indistinguishable.

What is the best raki?

Word of the quality of Tekirdag Raki gets around. Rumors quickly circulated among the people about how one could determine the place of origin based on the production numbers or other properties on the label or the bottles in order to identify the raki produced in the Tekirdag factory. In this way, a legend about the Tekirdag Raki brand was born.

After the privatization of the state monopoly company Tekel, all of the products came under the umbrella of the Diageo company, the same company that also owns the world-famous Yeni brand, which is also the largest spirits company in the world. Here the traditions are maintained and all the special features that make up the production of these special products are tried to be preserved and expanded.

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