Cotes d'Avanos Sauvignon Blanc


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Kavaklidere Cotes d'Avanos Sauvignon blanc with its yellow-green shimmer is reminiscent of ripe lychees. It is tangy, creamy and has a well balanced acidity.

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Cotes d'Avanos Sauvignon Blanc

Kavaklidere Côtes d'Avanos Sauvignon Blanc, from Cappadocia, is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. These are grown at around 950 meters above sea level. The ripening of the grapes is favored by the consistently high temperature difference between day and night. The grapes are harvested by hand and pressed without any mechanical aids. Due to the limited cultivation in this area, only 22000 limited and numbered bottles of this award-winning wine are bottled each year. This dry white wine, with its yellow-green shimmer, is reminiscent of ripe lychees in terms of its smell. It is tangy, creamy and has a well balanced acidity.

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Product specifics

Match with
Cheese, seafood, pasta
Price Category
Net filling quantity
0,75 l
Product Type
White wine
Grape varieties
Serving temperature
7-8 degree
balanced, crisp, long-lasting, mineral, structured
Olfactory aromas
Grass, stone fruit, tropical fruits
Cotes d'Avanos
Producer address
Kavaklidere Europe GmbH, Rudolfstrasse 69, 52070 Aachen, Germany

Contains sulphites