Doluca DLC Okuzgozu


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Doluca DLC Öküzgözü, asu the Turkish “ox eye”, this is the translation of the grape variety Öküzgözü. A fruity wine with a strong body, reminiscent of the taste of currants and plums. Dark ruby ​​tones dominate in terms of color. The red fruits paired with floral notes give the wine its character. Medium-bodied, round and smooth tannins.

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Doluca DLC Okuzgozu

DLC Öküzgüzü is also a pure-bred wine made from only one autochthonous Turkish grape variety. Öküzgüzü, translated as “ox eye”, named after the remarkable size of its grapes, which have a crisp, fruity character and the unique aroma of the variety, are perfectly reflected in this wine. The wine was matured for 4 months in oak barrels in order to obtain a round, easy-to-drink, balanced and full-bodied structure.

The DLC Öküzgözü is grown in the Elazig / Malatya region, aslo in Central / Eastern Anatolia. The red clay prevailing there, as well as decomposed, slightly chalky clay soils give this wine a special note. The main grape varieties that are otherwise grown in this region are Bogazkere, Narince and Öküzgözü. In total, around 15% of Turkish viticulture comes from this region.

The Doluca winery is now in its 3rd generation. It was founded in 1926 by Nihat A. Kutman in Galata, Istanbul under the name Maison Vinicole at the time. Before that, Mr. Kutman lived in Germany for 3 years, where he completed an oenology training at the Geisenheim Institute for Vine Breeding. From here he brought the first vines from Europe to Turkey. You can find a detailed blog article here Doluca wine.

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Product specifics

Match with
Poultry, pasta, beef
Price Category
Net filling quantity
0,75 l
Product Type
Red wine
Grape varieties
Anatolia, Elazig
Serving temperature
16-18 degrees
stainless steel tank
Olfactory aromas
Currant, plum
Producer address
Doluca headquarters, Kemankeş Cad. No: 81 Kat: 3-4 34425, Karaköy-Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey

Contains sulphites


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