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  • triple distilled
  • without added artificial sugar
  • mild and unadulterated raki taste

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Beylerbeyi Raki Mavi

Mavi Raki is only distilled from the best hand-picked Aegean grapes and the best aniseed. The triple distillation gives the raki a very mild taste and a full aroma. As a rule, cold raki is diluted one to one with cold, still water. Depending on your preference, you can also add ice or enjoy pure.

Beylerbeyi is a Turkish raki that combines a classic taste with modern features and an incomparable taste. It is manufactured with the highest quality for the right occasion, the right place and the right people, is faithful to the elegant traditions of the past and carries them into the present. Beylerbeyi transforms the values ​​of trust and honesty into a bottle that every Raki lover will enjoy.

The production of top quality raki begins with the arrival of the grapes and anise in production. First, the grapes are processed into must. The must is then filled into tanks and, after being pasteurized by fermentation and distillation, processed to suma at 94,5 degrees Celsius.

The second distillation begins when the suma, water, and anise are added to the copper still. The first run in the distillation process contains aldehyde, which is evaporated at a lower temperature than ether, methyl alcohol and similar elements.

These elements are separated out because they do not serve a good taste or the high quality of the product. Eventually the high alcohol ingredients like amyl alcohol are removed and the end product raki is created.

This is how the process of the conventional, double distilled raki works. The Beylebeyi Raki is distilled three times in order to achieve the optimal quality for the highest pleasure demands (together with the Suma preparation actually four times) to achieve an optimal top product.

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6-8 degree
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Fish, cheese, starters
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Sarper, refrigerator door Mahallesi Sehit Nevres Bulvari No: 7 Kat: 3 Daire: 32, 35220 Alsancak, Konak, Izmir